• The Unplugg Group is 100 black owned and managed technology and solutions business established in 2007
  • The business was initially established as a software development services provider and in 2019 evolved into a group
    of specialist businesses
  • The group exist to find solutions to business and societal challenges and has the ambition of becoming the leading
    socially engaged technology and investment business in Africa
  • The group works with clients across a wide range of industries to deliver tailored solutions to client’s needs

Business-IT Strategy Alignment & Support

We provide business enablement strategy advisory services to support the achievement of business goals  and enable specific business outcomes

  • IT Strategy to support business objectives
  • IT Initiatives to support the achievement of business goals

Data 2 Analytics

The Data 2 Advanced Analytics offering enables our clients leverage their data assets to facilitate four key business drivers. Customer intimacy, product service innovation, cost reduction, and operational excellence and efficiency

The offering has 3 focus areas:

  1. Accelerated Data Visualisation
  2. BI Project/s & Capability Delivery
  3. Outsourced BI Solution Delivery & Advisory

CIO-as-a-Service & Board Advisory Support

We provide support to your Executive Teams & Boards to effectively govern as well as enable business strategy through IT

  • Board Advisory services to assist in the effective governance of IT in delivering business value
  • Interim CIO Services, enabling clients to successfully bridge IT Leadership transitions.
  • Expert advise and support  on all aspects of the client’s IT function to enable business strategy through IT  solutions and support business operations through reliable, secure, and cost effective IT services

Accelerated Digital Transformation & Advisory

• Our outcomes-based digital transformation
framework enables organisations to rapidly ideate, test and scale digital solutions.
• The Tri-Modal Transition management model assists with managing 3 simultaneous organisational transition modes. The three modes are:
• Mode 1: Keeping the legacy environment stable (keeping organisational lights on) while managing new projects to transform the business.
• Mode 2: Transitioning the business into the new world and ensuring the is proper adoptions of the new solution
• Mode 3: Operating in the new world and ensuring optimisation while staying abreast of emerging solution in the new world.

Cyber Security Advisory & Support

We provide advisory and support services that govern and manage all aspects of cybersecurity

  • Cyber Security Strategy development, including the development of frameworks, policies, processes and governance structures
  • Security Awareness Campaigns
  • Cyber Security Response Planning
  • Cyber Security Assessments

Our Strategic Partners

We have partnerships with leading solution providers to enable us to meet the ever changing and diverse needs of our clients Through our partnerships we can offer quality products and services including;

  • Connectivity, communication and
    collaboration solutions
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Operational and information
    converged solutions
  • Contact centre as a service
  • SAAS Solutions
  • e Commerce